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New Herbal Clear PG-Free Deodorant Sticks Change Deodorants Forever

The deodorant industry revolutionized with a major technological breakthrough-removal of propylene glycol from deodorant stick bases. The Aurora Group's proprietary formula for a propylene glycol-free, stable, all natural, gentle yet strong, effective, non-toxic deodorant stick debuts in new Herbal Clear PG-Free deodorant sticks. Propylene glycol is a common ingredient in many personal care products; it is also the active component in antifreeze and can agitate skin or be absorbed by the body. The Aurora Group of South Hackensack NJ, manufacturers of the Herbal Clear family of brands, is an emerging natural personal care products company powered by big thinkers who repeatedly redesign the industry.

Herbal Clear PG-Free Aloe Fresh (with aloe) features a glycerin deodorant stick base formulation that is stable and effective. PG-Free goes on clear and stays clear, offering lasting protection. The new sticks contain the strong bactericidal attributes of natural botanic lichen that is the trademark of all Herbal Clear odor system personal care products, all of which are also 85% organic and free of aluminum, dyes, alcohol. Herbal Clear products are never tested on animals.

"With Herbal Clear PG-Free, we have created the future of mass and natural market deodorants," says William Grundemann, founder of Herbal Clear, whose innovative thinking brought two previous major advancements in natural deodorant - crystal sticks and lichen bactericidal odor control - to market. "Propylene glycol has never before been successfully removed from a stick deodorant product, yet natural product consumers were begging for this breakthrough, so Herbal Clear had to solve the problem."

Grundemann took action. He continues, "I threw down the gauntlet to our research and development people, two years ago to ask their chemistry department to produce a propylene glycol-free stick deodorant.

After countless trials and failures, the chemists succeeded in creating a propylene glycol-free stick that is stable, effective, has all the necessary scientific details nailed down and is all-natural. We applied very strong scientific knowledge to solve a natural product problem and our R & D skills and stick technology produced what Herbal Clear wanted.

"Enhancing Mother Nature's perfection is our goal at The Aurora Group. Our new, effective, natural personal care products incorporate the latest proprietary raw material technology". The Herbal Clear family of brands continues to offer market niche differentiation, value pricing, superior packaging and formulation quality to meet the stringent demands of today's consumers."

With PG-Free, we at Herbal Clear have achieved our stated goal of creating a complete propylene glycol-free odor elimination system for the whole body from head to foot. PG-Free deodorant sticks complete the lineup started by Herbal Clear's creation of propylene glycol-free foot and footwear spray and body spray.

Herbal Clear™ brand Natural Deodorant is one of the fastest growing Natural Deodorants in North America.

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