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Vivinal Facts And Information

What makes Vivinal® work?

The system is based on the discovery of the extraordinary benefits of a little-known marine protein, together with the re-discovery of myrrh as the world's leading nail-building supplement. Ever see those amazing curled nails on women from older African cultures? Ever wonder how they do it? It's myrrh. For thousands of years, Africans have used myrrh to fortify their nails. But Vivinal takes it a few steps further. We fortify topical application of myrrh with vitamins, giving you the best possible means of growing strong, gorgeous nails on planet earth.

Nail Matrix

How to Use the Vivinal® System

Vivinal Topical is a liquid that should be applied once daily to the cuticle and matrix area, preferably before bedtime. It should then be massaged thoroughly into the entire cuticle and matrix area for 30-45 seconds per finger.

After I apply the topical treatment, then what?

You might think that once you applied the Topical, washing your hands would be out of the question. Not so. Vivinal Topical is resilient enough to continue working even after your hands are wet.

Please note that Vivinal Topical may be applied over nail polish, although it may cause discoloration to some polishes.

Finally, it's reassuring to know that these products have not been tested on animals.

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