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Vivinal FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I have recently began having an allergic reaction after salon visits. What could be causing this?

Allergic reactions are caused by prolonged and repeated contact to a specific ingredient in a product. Once a person becomes allergic to something, the allergy can last for life. That is why it is so important to avoid skin contact with all monomers, gels, and resins. Any of these can cause skin reactions if used incorrectly or if they come in repeated and prolonged contact with the skin. A good dermatologist can help identify the ingredient(s) that are causing the allergies by patch testing. Once you know the actual cause of the allergy, you can find products that do not contain that ingredient. Remember, all adverse skin reactions are not completely avoidable, but skin contact must be avoided and products must be used correctly.

fullhouse.jpgWhat are the possible problems related to the use of artificial nails?

Allergic reactions to nail product ingredients, infections, and physical damage to the natural nail are the most common problems associated with artificial nails.

Infections from bacteria, such as Staphylococcus; fungi, such as Candida (also known as yeast); and skin viruses, such as warts, are the most common nail infections reported by physicians. A long artificial nail can easily separate from the natural nail base, if bumped or knocked, leaving an opening in which dirt and germs can accumulate. If the nail is reglued without proper cleaning, bacteria or fungi may grow between the nails, spreading into the natural nail. Furthermore, as the natural nail grows, an opening develops between the natural nail and artificial nail. If this space is not filled in regularly (at least every 2 weeks) or cleaned, it increases the chances for infection. So as a safeguard, please visit salons with trained personnel and good sanitation procedures.

Is there a connection between increased infection from nurses wearing artificial nails?

Nurses with acrylic fingernails are more likely to have harmful bacteria on their nails than other nurses, even after hand washing. The use of artificial nails by nurses may increase the chances that harmful bacteria will be transmitted to patients and cause infection. The use of artificial acrylic fingernails has become more fashionable and more and more nurses have begun wearing them. Because hand-to-hand transmission is a major source of bacterial infection, the researchers speculated that acrylic nails might raise bacterial transmission risks between nurses and patients. Before hand washing, 73% of nurses with artificial nails compared with only 32% of nurses without had harmful bacteria present on their nails. These numbers dropped to 68% and 26%, respectively, after the nurses washed their hands. Based on these findings, the researchers urge that hospital infection control policies should discourage the use of artificial fingernails by all healthcare workers

How does the price of artificial nails compare to a professional manicure on my natural nails?

Prices can range anywhere up to $45 for a full set of acrylic nails, with the cost of fill ins at an average of $20 every two weeks compared to average charges of $10 for a manicure to $5 for a polish change.

Will Vivinal work on my toes as well as my fingers?

toes.jpgAbsolutely!! Vivinal doesn't discriminate between upper and lower appendages at all. Using Vivinal on your toes will keep your toe nails in tip top condition, ready to show off in either pretty summer sandals or a pair a strappy evening shoes!

My cuticles are always dried out and cracked, will Vivinal help?

Using Vivinal Topical Treatment on your nails and cuticles will show you immediate improvement in the condition and appearance of dried out cuticles. Exposing your hands to water, dry air or cold will cause painful splits in the cuticle. Keeping this area moisturized is essential to maintaining the health of this area, but difficult because of the environmental stresses. Continued use of Vivinal will improve the condition of new nail and cuticle growth and prevent the occurrence of cracked and overgrown cuticles.

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