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Vivinal - Long, Hard and Natural

Vivinal Works For Longer Fingernails

  • Did you know that all the major mass marketers of nail strengthening/hardening products have been lying to you!
  • The fingernail has virtually no absorption ability.
  • Artificial nails suffocate your nails.
  • The incidences of nail fungus has increased with use of artificial nails.
  • Nurses have been advised to not wear artificial nails.

Vivinal - Why It's Different

  • It is applied directly to the skin above the nail - this is where absorption takes place and where the growth foundation of your nail begins.
  • It's absolutely ALL NATURAL.
  • It not only hardens nails but increases growth rate, gets rid of ridges and strengthens so there is no peeling or chipping.
  • Combined internal and external support.
  • Softens the cuticle.
  • Keeps the cuticle from over growing the nail and thereby reduces surface tension on the nail.


Customers that are looking for generally healthier nails should use the Vivinal Topical Solution twice daily.


The Aurora Group combines both science and nature to achieve the best approach to healthy, strong and maybe most importantly, beautiful nails.

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