Vivinal Topical Solution With Myrrh Speeds Nail Growth To Get Long Strong Fingernails

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Vivinal Topical Treatment

Grow Long Fingernails Faster and Stronger with Marine Protein

Vivinal Topical TreatmentGreat looking, strong and healthy nails are attainable; you don't need great genetics. Vivinal is a salon - and beauty/spa-quality product that nourishes the fingernails, to soften cuticles and smooth ridges adding a healthy glow and increasing durability. Even the simple act of massaging Vivinal into the nails is soothing and uplifting!

With Vivinal, you can do everything without having to worry about breaking a nail! Hoist the kids up, garden, thumb through old records, scratch your beloved's back, etc.!

Get your fingernails ready for the perfect polish application or leave them bare and show off your hands again. If you are tired of splitting nails, sore cuticles and having weak or thin nails, the myrrh and marine protein combination is what your fingers need. No one can deny that a long fingernail is attractive, especially when it is strong and healthy. There's nothing like a good back scratching, and strong nails are the key.

If you have ever had a split cuticle, you know the pain that it can cause, and the infection that can follow. But did you know that myrrh is an essential oil analgesic and antiseptic properties? Speed healing and prevent future cracks and damage to your cuticle with regular applications of Vivinal Topical Solution.

The only way to get sexy and strong nails is by using Vivinal - so call and order yours today!

Vivinal is a complete natural nail growth program. The Vivi philosophy is to nourish the outside from the inside in a wholesome manner. Specialty natural ingredients such as marine protein and myrrh form the foundation for healthy cuticles through to the ends of short or long nails. Vivinal is particularly useful for the health and sustenance of natural nails underneath artificial nails.

Faster Growing Fingernails

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